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The crew has watched all three parts of Fear Street and are ready to talk and review! Produced by Hype Media

The Murdaugh family have generations of high profile politicians....and murder and scandal.  The crew talk about the recent and past murders in this family. Do you think it's a cov...

This week we do a deep-dive on the possibility of uploading our consciousness to a computer and living forever!  Do you think it will be possible and would you do it? Produced by H...

Get the real tea  on the families behind all The Conjuring franchises! Produced by Hype Media

The crew, joined with special guest Kinte of Indy Radio, shares their thoughts on the hyped zombie movie Army of Darkness.  Produced by Hype Media

Put your tinfoil hats on and enjoy all the crazy news we've found floating around the globe!   Produced by Hype Media

Dishy True Crime Stories

Moni is at the helm and leading us through some strange true crime stories that crossed into pop culture. Produced by Hype Media

The crew has been busy watching all the newest tv so you don't have to!  Here's our lists of recommendations.  Produced by Hype Media

Yardley & Moni tackle the second installment of The Haunting in Connecticut series since it's about Yardley's hometown of Georgia! Produced by Hype Media

Axes were a popular daily tool in our history...but they were also a popular murder weapon!  This week we discuss the big, unsolved axe murders throughout history.   Produced by Hy...

So much fun we had to do another!  This time we have some Black-Eyed Kids thrown in to really freak you out. Enjoy! Produced by Hype Media

The crew read creepy stories about the deranged and paranormal this week! Produced by Hype Media 

"Nothing in Cassie's life is what it appears to be -- she's wickedly smart, tantalizingly cunning, and she's living a secret double life by night. Now, an unexpected encounter is a...

BioTerrorism began much earlier than you'd think!  Try 600 B.C.!  This week, we go through all the crazy ways armies and extremist groups have used germ warfare in history. Produce...

Horror Movies of 2021

We have a SUPER-sized show to discuss all the horror movies happening in 2021 and which ones the hosts are excited about. Which ones are you looking forward to? Produced by Hype Me...

The crew reviews the creepy UK horror movie The Owners: A group of friends think they find an easy score at an empty house with a safe full of cash. But when the owners, an elderly...


This week we find out about the miracle of human evolution and the crazy effects it has on humans it over evolves. Produced by Hype Media

Moni visits some reclusive ghost towns including one with The Clown Hotel. Produced by Hype Media

The crew pick their top "must watch" movies and tv shows for 2020! Produced by Hype Media

These countries take "surviving the holidays" to a whole new level!  Zombies, trolls, goblins from middle earth...who needs nightmares? Produced by Hype Media

Poveglia is a picturesque island right next to Italy...but also happens to be the most haunted island in the world due to plague and pestilence.  We discuss it's history and how a ...

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